Monday, April 12, 2010

That Leg

You know the one that had the ACL operation back in December. Its looking pretty good, good enough to pull and go out and pull for a long weekend of fun.

We enjoyed a 9 mile skijor out to the Denali View Chalet during a beautiful sunstorm. We gave Jago a rest day on Saturday and only skijored her 4 miles. Then Sunday it was 9 miles out in a blazing snowstorm with about 6 inches of wet snow for her to deal with.

No ill side effects. She pulled strong all day, was ready to go the next day and no limping the entire time.

What Denali looks like on the approach to Kroto Lake. Looking over Valley's noggin.


Anonymous cbnfvr said...

Love this; such cute ears!!!

4/12/2010 11:26:00 PM  

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