Sunday, August 22, 2010

Malamute Rescue Boat

Sometimes you get in a little bit of trouble and you need an extra hand getting out. Even if that help is a little late in arriving, better late than never.

For some odd reason they decide to climb out onto the rock, Jago leading. Maybe Jago said to Cody, "Let's go check the island for Ducks". That'd be all it'd take for Cody to get going.

About ready to jump up and explore their new found island and maybe some ducks.

the next thing we hear is a giant KERPLOOSH and both dogs are swimming. Jago is even swimming! We've never seen that before and in the excitement we yell, "Look Jago is swimming".

Cody crawls out.

Then Jago crawls out on near by rock.

Except she can't make it completely out and is screaming for help. In two feet of water she's stuck and everybody knows about it.

Saint Nicki goes to save the day.

But Wait! Rocket dives in, and he's going to help save the day. See? He has his water wings deployed. Better late than never I guess.

Alls well that ends well.

Another episode of camping with the fundogs.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Lake

We woke up on Saturday with a blazing blue sky. I put it into overdrive and decided to head over to Blue Lake, a 16 mile hike for us funhogs and fundogs.

Heading out from the rig we leave Our Fair City behind us.

Right over the bump in the foreground is Blue Lake (commonly known as Long Lake) we'll walk around the lake and head between the two ridges in the foreground, over the pass, to williwaw lakes, down the Middle Fork of Campbell Creek back to the rig.

Rocket on the non-stop chase for marmots.

Valley at Blue Lake.

Heading up the pass near the end of the lake.

Up at the first lip

The lake right before the pass.

Rocket in the pass, with the large rock wall behind him. The Daily Downpour started right after we left the pass.

The lake before dropping down to the middle fork and what everybody thinks of as Williwaw Lake.

Nice shot of the creek running into the lake.

Looking back across the lake.

At the lip before we drop down.

Four miles back to the rig. She's looking better than my feet are feeling.

16 miles I figure in about 12 hours. A bit too rainy to get a nap in at the key point, but one of the most beautiful places I've been in the Chugach, particularly the pass between the North and Middle Forks. The camera just couldn't capture all the scenery.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tent Life

If you wonder what life in the tent is like when its really stormy and raining out. Well now you know!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Raven about Crow Pass

After two weeks of good rain, sometimes heavy and sometimes windy, the forecast said things were going to clear about mid-morning. Counting on the luck of the malamute, I decided to grab Valley and go for a hike up Crow Pass where the scenery is outrageous and soothing. Just what a funhog and fundog needed.

After about a mile into the hike things open up. Low cloud cover and great visibility.

Malamutes and waterfalls.

Malamutes and cascades.

Finally sunshine!

Looking down Raven Creek towards Eagle River.

The Raven Glacier.

And now to find a spot to take a nap in the sun and out of the chilly wind.

I can see our nap spot right in the green tundra over Valley's back.

this will work

Looks like Valley is enjoying it too.

Heading home after our nap, Crystal Lake. The ski is clouding up again but it never rains.

Looking down the trail we are going to descend on.

A great view to end the day.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Big or Small

Rocket doesn't care, he'll swim in anything.

In this lake, the big one, he was going after loons. good luck Rocket, you don't have a change.

I had been wondering where Rocket was until I popped over a ridge on the trail. I should have known.

And if a lake isn't nearby he'll make do with the creek LOL