Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New Ski Dog

Well I have always like malamutes as ski dogs. Functionally they are well built for the role. Rocket is fading so he can only go on the simpler stuff. Jago (Babe) blew her ACL in December so she is out. When I had a four day, 38 mile ski tour from Forest Service Cabin to Forest Service cabin I enlisted Valley's help to be the new ski dog. From the trailhead at the start all the way to the end she was my new ski dog. She did great. She ran ahead to have fun, then either ran back to check on me or sat and waited to make sure I was coming along. She threaded herself between skiers with pulks and would blast ahead into the lead. She was even polite enough to sit on the side of the trail and let dog teams go by. In the cabins she found her spot, and stayed there not bothering anybody.

Here are some pictures:

Yep she's my new ski dog. Took 6 years of training but it was well worth it.


Guess who had ACL surgery two months ago. The one pulling LOL.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

That's a Dog!

Yesterday I was showing pictures to Nicki's grand niece Lauren. Lauren turns 3 in another month. When I showed her this picture, and said "This is Moose". Lauren said, "That's not a Moose, that's a dog!"

It was a great sunny day, this is like two weeks of sun without clouds. Valley seems to like it.

And here they are together.

Moose was adopted from a rescue in Logan Utah 6 years ago. Several years ago his owner asked me some questions about how to fit him with a harness on a website named telmarktips.com. She just moved to town and wanted to go skiing, so that we did. And we got to meet each other and each others malamutes. Seems like I must have given her good advice :)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Alumni V2

We were up in Fairbanks dropping a malamute off for foster care. Tom adopted Siku and Lady Lou several years ago. Both of them couldn't have found a better home.

That'd be Siku with his head turned, Lady lou looking at the camera, and Tom behind them in the skis. The Alaska Pipeline is behind them.