Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Can you spot Valley in this picture? She's there. Click on the picture if you think it will help you spot her.

It kind of shows us how small each of us really are in the world. Just a speck. But a fun speck non the less.

More evidence she is really there.

It was a beautiful bluebird day in the Talkeetna Mountains north of Palmer. Down low it was corn snow, and up high it was deep powder. A great day to be out touring. Just ask Valley!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother Nature or Old Man Winter ?

I am not sure which one gifted us with 6 inches of fresh powder but thank you for looking out for me ;) It's not a good idea to ignore a gift, so we thought we'd enjoy it while we could. Folks in town were whining about the snow, but us funhogs and fundogs don't like to complain, we fired up and took the matter into our own hands. We know how to solve this problem, we've been training all winter.

Can you recognize the Alaska State Dog in the picture? (click any picture to enlarge)

At the trailhead we ran into our neighbor Amy who adopted Yukon from Malamute Rescue of Alaska. He's looking like a fundog to me.

Lookie here, The Funhogs and the Fundogs. All of us in one picture, ain't that sweet.

Saint Nicki!

I don't know what it is about Rocket, but when somebody goes down in the snow, he has to clean them up a bit after laying all over them. Sometimes he frenches them Yuck!

Sure was a fun evening after work.

Monday, April 12, 2010

That Leg

You know the one that had the ACL operation back in December. Its looking pretty good, good enough to pull and go out and pull for a long weekend of fun.

We enjoyed a 9 mile skijor out to the Denali View Chalet during a beautiful sunstorm. We gave Jago a rest day on Saturday and only skijored her 4 miles. Then Sunday it was 9 miles out in a blazing snowstorm with about 6 inches of wet snow for her to deal with.

No ill side effects. She pulled strong all day, was ready to go the next day and no limping the entire time.

What Denali looks like on the approach to Kroto Lake. Looking over Valley's noggin.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Grand Day in the Neighborhood.

What a grand day it was, sunny, warm and no wind. In town the mood is spring, in the mountains we are still talking powder. We took advantage of the day and toured to a mountain in our neighborhood, McHugh Peak, which we can see up the valley from the house.

The dogs are always happy to go someplace where the can run.

This is the first grass they've been on since mid-October.


Mt Redoubt the volcano in the background. Is it blowing steam? Or is that a cloud over its top?

They love being in a spot where they can look around. Usually when I get a picture of one of those two peaks we are at the bottom.

Outdoors, they are always looking around, they always have the eye on the lookout.

Lunch is a great time to take a break, although the scenery never seems to.

and over Rocket's shoulder is the Kenai Peninsula in the background with Turnagain Arm in the foreground.

They love to run. For them running after us as we telemark down hill is the most enjoyable fun of the trip.


Not sure how much longer we'll be able to take the dogs out. Mother Nature and Old Man Winter will dictate that. As soon as it quits freezing in the morning, and the dogs start breaking through, that will be the time for them to quit the snow season. Six months of fun will come to an end.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tipped Over

My Gosh Darn Malamute tipped over, now what do I do?