Monday, November 21, 2011


Since its dark when we arrive home from work, and we like to ski after work we Nightjor. We use a headlamp and go to the local trails in the Chugach State Park. We don't need much of a headlamp on the way up the trail but traveling downhill a powerful one makes the run all the more enjoyable. This year I have a Princeton Tec Apex. Its a 200 lumen light which really lights up, but the battery pack can't support that brightness for long. Not a big deal if you like your headlamp to launch into the strobe mode without warning. Acid Flashback?

Taking a break.

Running with City lights in the distance

All in the life of a fundog

Monday, November 07, 2011

Skijoring with Friends

With fresh snow we decided to head up to the local state park and skijor. It was a perfect day with nobody in the parking lot and on the trail we only saw the evidence of our "friends" the bears.

Cautious but undeterred because we had our dogs who are a great alert mechanism we continued up the trail. Happy dog, great work ethic and lots of fun :)