Monday, February 23, 2009

A Rocket in Powder

Hatcher Pass is one of the most beautiful places to visit on a sunny day. Stunning. Rocket and I were lucky enough to catch it on one of those days. It was cold, you'd think after over 30 years in the northland I'd get the temperature thing down now wouldn't you LOL.

I must have tired Rocket out because he quit right here, took a powder break so we headed back.

Once we started heading back there was no stopping him. the guy has a reserve unmatched in other dogs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valley in the Mountains

Valley's big day off leash with both new people and skiers. When let off leash she took off running, happy to stay in front and check up to make sure we were coming. (Click on the picture to enlarge).

When she had to break trail in deep powder she smartly decided to follow in the back and let us do that for her. Here she is carrying on a conversation with Kristen. Perhaps they are catching up with each other, its been since April since they've seen each other. I know its not about food, Jago(Babe) isn't interested.

It was a windy and snowy day but she is hanging with us following in our track.

Valley prefers the comfort of a tree well when we take a break. That's a smart move too, its out of the wind and appropriately shaped for a malamute.

You know the wind is blowing at least 15 mph when its moving snow, its likely blowing much harder, probably in the neighborhood of 35 mph. I always squint and secretly talk swear words when my face is being pelted with wind driven snow. I've found it doesn't make any difference when you squint with one eye "open" and the other closed or both eyes "open". The wind and pelting snow don't bother Jago, probably because I have a Clif bar in my hand.

Jago loves to run, or somebody opened their lunch sack.

Saint Nicki doing the Pied Piper thing.

You can't beat a trip when Rocket is dog tired. He didn't even make it back to the car before he fell asleep. Now that's having fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mal Rescue Alaska

Ha! That would be Maltese Rescue of Alaska. This is me with Wimbley at Alaska SPCA. I stop by and walk dogs but for about a month Wimbley has been there to greet me and he's kind of captured my heart LOL. He's the only booter I've really gotten attached to, having the right mixture of wild dog, fundog and love dog to get me to like the guy. We've had alot of fun playing together like tug of war, bite hand, tossing him in the air and hanging out and petting. Occasionally he gets in my coat and we walk about. Wimbley goes to his forever home tomorrow, that's what rescue is all about. Glad he's got a good home but I am going to miss him.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mountain Majesty

You never know how the mountains are going to please you when out skiing. Clouds don't always mean obscuring beautiful peaks.

Its great getting up high, even if its cold. Not much around so you can let the dogs go and run. Nothing is more fun for the dogs than to give chase to each other!

and peal out...

Even when they are far away they come when they are called.

and run they do!

Looks like Valley had a great day too!

(as always you can click on the picture to enlarge)