Friday, October 20, 2006

All in a Days Hike

Out for a day hike, saw a bunch of nice critters. All in all 9 moose and 27 sheep. Its been awhile since I've seen sheep up so close down low.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


today we celebrate our 5th anniversary with Babe. It might be five years since we brought her home but it feels like 5 dog years...well it has been 5 dog years but you know what I mean. I knew when she arrived in our home we were going on a unique journey, I just didn't know it both of us were going to grow this much.

Even a year ago I could have never said, "Babe booted St. Nicki off her 4 inch foamie while car camping making for a night in the pickup for St Nicki". I never thought she'd sleep between Nicki and I while we tent camped, at least she doesn't steal the sleeping bags out from underneath us. Who would have thought she'd push whatever dog I pet out of the way, plant her bottom down and insist I pet her? Her Perry Como sweet singing voice turned into a baseball announcer--play by play and color.

So here we go, embarking on another year, but first I need to get the pot roast with carrots out of the oven for her dinner.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Day at the Ballpark

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Season Opener

Enough snow had fallen at one of our favorite ski spots, it was time to venture out with Valley and see if we could enjoy the day skijoring. We found 2 feet had fallen, a bit too much for skijoring, so Valley accompanied me instead of trying to pull.

She's looking pretty happy at the start of the skiing. "Finally ski season is here", she seems to be saying.

Now that its snowing she is still looking happy. When I took the second picture, I am sure I heard her say, "Hey I like this skiing sport even if it is snowing".

Finally, we are in the pass, its snowing heavily and blowing pretty hard. She's kind of saying she doesn't like it here and would like to leave now thank you. Mouse Click the picture to really see what's going on :)

Everybody had a fun time, for once I didn't get hurt on opening day.