Saturday, October 07, 2006

Season Opener

Enough snow had fallen at one of our favorite ski spots, it was time to venture out with Valley and see if we could enjoy the day skijoring. We found 2 feet had fallen, a bit too much for skijoring, so Valley accompanied me instead of trying to pull.

She's looking pretty happy at the start of the skiing. "Finally ski season is here", she seems to be saying.

Now that its snowing she is still looking happy. When I took the second picture, I am sure I heard her say, "Hey I like this skiing sport even if it is snowing".

Finally, we are in the pass, its snowing heavily and blowing pretty hard. She's kind of saying she doesn't like it here and would like to leave now thank you. Mouse Click the picture to really see what's going on :)

Everybody had a fun time, for once I didn't get hurt on opening day.


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