Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowcamping snowdogs

We had a weekend of camping with the ski club and our dogs. It was fun, temps down into the single digits below zero F zooming up to near freezing during the day. We had a great tp to climb into after dinner to enjoy life thanks to Jeff.

We had about 12 inches of powder going into the weekend and awoke to fresh
snow every morning. Jago even joined us for the trek into the camping spot, although she didn't get the chance to run around. Which is fine, we enjoyed her warmth in the tent while sleeping.

this is the trail in and out

Rocket gave us the look to let us know when it was time for bed.

But the scenery was great

and the snow conditions good.

Lovely Pair

A lovely pair don't you think?

Two of my favorite "girls". A lucky man I am.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Four Play

This is a one of a kind picture. About once a year I seem to get our 3 in a picture together, and now I have Four! Quite the magic spell I must have worked. Ok, but the big question is, one of these dogs isn't one of ours, which one is it?