Monday, June 12, 2006

Committing Homicide

Valley and I climbed Homicide Peak last Saturday. We left the rig at the Indian Creek Trailhead about 9 am, summited about 2 pm and took a long break about 2:45. About 3 we were surprised by 4 dall sheep, 2 ewes, a yearling and lamb of the year...Cool!

Here are some Pics:

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I got me a red head malamute now!

I woke up this morning and in my groggy state of mind walked into the living room to find a blood red carpet and a blood red dog bed. My focus, as groggy as it was, turned to the dogs and I found Babe with blood red paws. Now I am thinking, "Oh no, we have an emergency visit to the veterinarian, I wonder what happened". I turned to Valley and found a blood red head and was wondering how they hell they got into a fight without me waking up. Wakened into a state of concern I put my clothes on and started to mobilize.

Right up until I saw the red pen they both chewed on :)

Malamutes got to love them.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hot and Cold

We opened the backpacking season with an overnighter to Rabbit Lake. Not far, its 4 miles in but about 1 mile in there is snow. The mile of snow was easy to cover then we switched to the west side of Rabbit Creek where there was no snow for the rest of the hike in.

You can see looking over Ganik and Nicki the lake is still frozen and some of the surrounding lakeshore is too. It wasn't too hard to find a camping spot, enough of those were open. But snow was always nearby. We arrived in extremely warm temps, you can see Nicki is wearing shorts, but not long there after the wind kicked up from the north, not too strong, but it was a cold wind.

We headed into the tent for some napping and reading. Upon arising for dinner we saw some campers across the creek. The next day we visited and realized they were folks who had gone on some ski trips with us with the nordic ski club. Its a small world.

It froze that night and the wind was slight again. Not cold but if you weren't prepared for it. Nice easy trip out, instead of punching through the snow, we walked on it. And it warmed up as we headed out. A nice weekend to get out.