Thursday, November 26, 2009

Menage a Trois

Happy Thanksgiving!

We decided to run the dogs today before our big feed. We both hooked up the three of them and gave them a run. 45 mph winds and I am not sure if it was snowing or not, since 4 inches of snow fell last night and it was blowing around pretty good.

Here I am behind the 3.

Nicki behind the 3.

Menage A Trois

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun Runner

Babe loves to run, even with somebody behind her attached to her on a leash. There is probably nothing more enjoyable to her.

and despite that face, Nicki is not about ready to drop.

She's a great dog to skijor with :) Looks like a great season ahead for us.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Polar Bear Dog

Rocket encounters a Polar Bear on a frigid Alaska night lit by the full moon. Malamutes were used by the Inupiat to hunt sea mammals including polar bears on the ice on the Northwest Coast of Alaska. Instincts play out in an age old tradition of Malamute vs Polar Bear.

Rocket eyes the Polar Bear and judging by the look on his face he's not happy its around.

Rocket makes the nab.

Taking the bear back for some punishment.

I have seen this behavior for decades now, the Polar Bear is doomed.

gut Shot

Ouch, that has to hurt. You can almost hear the bear bellowing.

Sniffing to see if there is any remaining life. Its The End for this bear!