Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gold Rush Dogs

Check it out, here's a picture taken back in 1898 by Eric Hegg. This is from the Special Collections of the University of Washington Library Digital Archives. I changed the contrast on the original photo as displayed at Uof W so I could see the dogs faces, harness and "gangline". The engine is the same as now-a-days, but the gangline and harness are different. The sled is kind of too, but one still sees some of those up here. Click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see some of the detail that I am talking about.

I am sure the dogs are freighting loads for the Klondike Gold Rush.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just Passing Through ...

Kodie is the latest dog in the funhog--fundogs foster program. Kodie is a 1 yo and playful as a pup, in fact he's in the back yard ripping around with Valley and the neighbors dog. Poor Valley though, she's tuckered out from all the hiking this weekend. He's going to be a fun dog to have around, kind of fits that daffy looking noggin of his.

You can see his profile on petfinders at:

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Dayhiking.

Out for a day hike at the South Fork of Eagle River. We couldn't believe we arrived at the trailhead at 9 am which is plenty early and the parking lot was full! We had to park on the road which is no big deal but a surprise. Lots of folks spent the night at the lake including a group of Native Alaskan students in town for a month to learn the 3Rs. One student in particular took a liking to the dogs and she petted Ganik and talked to us for 20 minutes about dogs. It was kind of fun talking to Jen.

Yesterday we walked from Glen Alps to indian via Ship Lake Pass. Quite a few folks were out on the Glen Alps side of the pass, and we were surprised to see two horses and riders past Ship Lake. but after that we didn't see anybody. Easy to see why. Once you get to Indian Pass there is knee high to chest high grasses making travel difficult. I was pleased Valley snaked her way through the high grass. Not a pleasant thing to do. She eventually tired and let me lead. Slow going but we made progress. Eventually we were met by Nicki half way to the pass and walked back with her and the dogs. It was exciting to hear the WooWoo from Babe when I spied them on the bridge. She was stoked to see me again.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Flower Power

Here's a shot of Valley while out on a hike up Falls Creek today. The girl turns 3 pretty soon and I have no idea how I can top this!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Weekend Backpacking

We like to backpack in the summer and go places where we don't see alot of other folks. Its quieter, we like the wilderness and its easier to manage the dogs. This l.ast weekend we hiked out Center Ridge which gets some traffic but not alog and after spending the night hiked up to Taylor Pass and down Taylor Creek. The first day was cloudy which was fine but Sunday the clouds broke and it was spectacular, which made the 1800 foot climb hot with our packs on but well worth the views of scenery. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

This is a view from our campsite south towards Kickstep Mountain. Its great to let the dogs loose when not alot of folks or no wildlife can be bothered. They love the freedom and get a good charge out of running around. A tired Malamute is a good malamute.

Lyons Creek isn't major but it does empty glaciers and big snowfields so it would have been really cold and uncomfortable to walk through. Not alot of fun in my book, so when you can find a snow field like we did, its so much more comfortable and easier to cross.

Here's a view from one of our restbreaks looking south. Knee high grasses and plants to walk through, on a relatively steep slope on that nice sunny day made rest breaks really nice.

Mrs Funhog at a real nice flat spot at the toe of Pastoral. Nice thing about going new places is finding great new places we can camp at. The pass is just a hop skip and a jump above us, thank goodness because we're really hot at this point.

Everybody gets to carry aload backpacking, and so do the dogs. Here is Ganik at Taylor Pass, he's got our apres' hike shoes, leashes, and pillows in his pack.

And finally a view of the territory ahead (from the pass) to hike through. Cross country backpacking isn't easy but it sure is might fine.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wipe that smile off your face

Spent Independence Day out on a day hike to Williwaw Lakes. Clouds were down, sun didn't come out all day but it doesn't seem to affect the dogs all that much now does it?