Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Dayhiking.

Out for a day hike at the South Fork of Eagle River. We couldn't believe we arrived at the trailhead at 9 am which is plenty early and the parking lot was full! We had to park on the road which is no big deal but a surprise. Lots of folks spent the night at the lake including a group of Native Alaskan students in town for a month to learn the 3Rs. One student in particular took a liking to the dogs and she petted Ganik and talked to us for 20 minutes about dogs. It was kind of fun talking to Jen.

Yesterday we walked from Glen Alps to indian via Ship Lake Pass. Quite a few folks were out on the Glen Alps side of the pass, and we were surprised to see two horses and riders past Ship Lake. but after that we didn't see anybody. Easy to see why. Once you get to Indian Pass there is knee high to chest high grasses making travel difficult. I was pleased Valley snaked her way through the high grass. Not a pleasant thing to do. She eventually tired and let me lead. Slow going but we made progress. Eventually we were met by Nicki half way to the pass and walked back with her and the dogs. It was exciting to hear the WooWoo from Babe when I spied them on the bridge. She was stoked to see me again.


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