Sunday, October 15, 2006


today we celebrate our 5th anniversary with Babe. It might be five years since we brought her home but it feels like 5 dog years...well it has been 5 dog years but you know what I mean. I knew when she arrived in our home we were going on a unique journey, I just didn't know it both of us were going to grow this much.

Even a year ago I could have never said, "Babe booted St. Nicki off her 4 inch foamie while car camping making for a night in the pickup for St Nicki". I never thought she'd sleep between Nicki and I while we tent camped, at least she doesn't steal the sleeping bags out from underneath us. Who would have thought she'd push whatever dog I pet out of the way, plant her bottom down and insist I pet her? Her Perry Como sweet singing voice turned into a baseball announcer--play by play and color.

So here we go, embarking on another year, but first I need to get the pot roast with carrots out of the oven for her dinner.


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