Saturday, April 25, 2009


Its the doggie equivalent of crust skiing :) Today we headed out Center Ridge then up the valley floor to the face of the true Tincan Creek. The dogs love it because they stay on top, and I like it because its pretty damn fast. Center Ridge was crust but unfortunately the valley floor from Kickstep Mountain to the true Tincan Peak wasn't so good. That portion hadn't gone through a melt freeze cycle.

here we are starting out up the valley.

Scenery looking better, have to don the glacier glasses and spread some sun lotion at this point.

Starting to break through just a bit here, so we are losing our crust and soon will gain the wind.

ok time for a break. If you saw my beer belly, you'd be wondering why they aren't panting.

More dog driving.

Downhill I let the dogs loose so I can ski without falling down and they can have a bit of fun.

Any day now I expect the snow to soften enough the dogs won't be able to get out with me, but so far so good!


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