Monday, October 03, 2005

TR: Devils Pass Cabin

Six of us and 7 dogs (all rescues) hiked up to the Devils Pass Forest Service Cabin this weekend to enjoy a weekend retreat and a bit of fun. 10 miles in on a relatively sunny day. Cloudy and a bit cooler on the way out, nonetheless fun! For dinner it was Shrimp Fettucini with giant shrimp from Florida. Breakfast was eggs and hashbrown with bacon. Yum Yum.

Here's Tom at the Pass before the Cabin. I don't know why but he kept trying to drive a motorboat up the creek and into the cabin while we were all trying to sleep :) He can really motor.

This is Babe (Jago) and Valley at the cabin, hanging out pretty much where the spent the night sleeping. Valley in the foreground, Babe in the background, and Devil's Pass behind them. They were the only dogs who slept outside.

Billy and Pharoah at the cabin right before we are going to head back after spending the night.


Siku at the cabin.

Yvonne and Billy right before they left us to run an errand in Hope.


Saint Nicki!

Happy Valley with her brand new pack. She was a bit shy on the way up but warmed up the next day. I think she was happy to let everybody pet her.

And finally Valley Again!


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Makes me hungry for the weekend so I can take my doggie out.


10/05/2005 10:07:00 AM  

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