Monday, October 10, 2005

Hiking up Tincan.

Its always nice to hike up and see the places where we ski. We get an idea of the "true" slope of the hill for avalanche purposes, and we can see the anchors hold the snow, plus its pretty neat terrain. Here we are up on Tincan, for our annual cleanup trip. We collected a pair of Bolle sunglasses and lots of dog booties, along with all the beer bottles, pop cans and more. The number one item continues to be energy drinks. Down low on the mountain are the water containers and energy drinks. Up high its beer (in bottles!) and energy drinks. We've found a car battery, shovels, shirts, shoes and socks.

It was snowing when we got there. By the time we left the sun was out and we were able to nap in the sun. It'll be awhile before we get to telemark ski here. But Old Man Winter is knocking at the door.


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