Sunday, April 03, 2011


We continue to have good news about our foster dog Trek.

We skied out to the Denali View Chalet this weekend accompanied by all the dogs including Trek. He really shined.

Can you believe this is the same dog terrified of men just a few months ago?

(As always, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.)

He loves to skijor, he has a steady pace and pulls hard. He's not too good on speed but then what malamute is? That's him closest to the camera with Jago on his right side, Nicki is being towed.

Speaking of Jago, she skijored Nicki 9 miles into the Chalet, 10 weeks after her ACL operation.

Denali on the right, Hunter on the left. It was a pretty cold day despite the temps in the high twenties. The stiff North Wind was the culprit.

Happy Nicki and Happy Trek during a lull in the skiing.

We had Trek tied outside the Chalet. His first night he was subdued and stayed away from the action. But Day Two he was up and milling about the 18 folks who attended the ski tour. Trek is coming into his element.


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