Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Day 1

We stayed in town because our foster dog Koda had a hip operation. We didn't think taking him out for 3 days hiking was a good idea so we stayed in town. The first Memorial Day in town for the funhog and fundogs in 35 years!

Here he is holing up on a hot Saturday. You can see the scar on that leg of his, Ouch!

While we were home, this guy showed up needing a new place to live. His name is Cody. Now how weird is that, Foster dog 1 is Koda, and Foster dog 2 is Cody. You try to keep those two straight.

So here I am trying to take pictures of Cody for petfinders.com and five minutes after they meet, its the Takedown!

Then Cody had Koda pinned, or is that Koda has Cody pinned? I am telling you its hard to keep their names straight. Should I start counting to ten?

I don't think that's good for his hips, but I am not telling his veterinarian, nor should you.

There is still a little life in Koda, he's squirming.

But wait, Koda strikes back!

In the end, Cody (at least I think it was him) had Koda pinned. And Koda went back to lounging in his hole. All day long they were taking bitenecks strikes on each other. Pretty damn good luck to have foster dogs like that, don't you think?

So Day 1 of holiday, lots of fun despite not out on the trail hiking.


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