Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wake me up when its time for fun

If you have met Valley you might have asked about her kicked back style. In the back of your mind you were probably wondering if she ever woke up or how she might accomplish such a herculean task of moving from one spot to another. When you asked me, I probably said something like LOL "She's saving her energy up for some action". For those who haven't met her, let's just say, once she chose her spot, that was pretty much it for the day 'cept for breathing.

Well I actually captured her in motion and thought I would share that with you hehehe.

The windup

and running the line

Watch out Rocket!

Head Fake!

Tag your it

That wasn't the only time Rocket had to suffer on leash. She came after him again

and again

all day long. In fact when I let him off, he got the zoomies and struck back!

Body Slam!

I guess paybacks are hell.

Sitting Pretty,

I know its hard to imagine but seeing is believing. ;)


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