Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let Freedom Ring

Yesterday marked the 5th Saturday in a row we let Valley run off leash. Some Saturdays are good Saturdays for us, and some Saturdays aren't so good for us. All Saturdays have been great days for Valley LOL.

We head to isolated areas in the nearby National Forest or State Park and let her go. She's been really easy to catch. Finding her sometimes is the critical point. She has a very healthy prey drive and trees have squirrels LOL. In the tundra she's easy to spot.

When we let her loose she always runs forward, looks over her shoulder and gives us this, "Are
you coming?" look.

The girl has places to go. Stand back.

Hey, she's behaving better than that dog in the back LOL.

You can't imagine how stoked we are to watch her running off leash...She's happy and loves to run.


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