Sunday, February 25, 2007

3 and 20

We skied up the 20 mile river today. The railroad wind gauge at Portage was reporting 20 mph winds with a temp of 0 deg F. But when we arrived at the 20 mile it was evident it was blowing much harder. So we beat feet up the valley hoping it was going to die down and it did. After about a mile, it was dead calm and warm. Heading back to the car, the wind kicked in about a mile from the highway and it was blowing even harder. Later we found out the temps warmed to the mid teens, but the wind jumped from gusts of 30 mph at the start to 45 mph on return.

The snow was icy crust with several "ponds" of pure ice west by the mountain side. So we stayed near the trees by the river. Good fast day made better by a nap in the middle.


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