Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Row Row Row your Boat

We launched the FV Ganik tonight. That's FV for Funhog Vessel not Fishing Vessel.

I added the rowing mechanism to the canoe so I could maneuver the boat by myself and gave him a lifejacket since nobody gets in the boat unless they are wearing one. He was a little nervous at first but settled right down and enjoyed the view. We chose the lake to see how it goes, if he keeps it up, we'll gradually improve to some running water. The Ruff wear Lifejacket fit well and seems well constructed. You can see its a color easily seen even on bad days, has a sturdy handle on the back to grab him with and the life jacket holds when you lift him with it.

With his back, this might be a good ticket to enjoy the out of doors with him.

It'd definitely be the way to go if I could teach him to fish. I'd be happy to run the net if he could reel them in.


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