Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Girl

When Babe(Jago) came into our home she was scared. So scared she remained hidden in her dog house until we extracted her by pulling her out by brute force. The sound of footsteps from walking in the snow scared her. Countless times we were jerked off our feet by somebody in the vicinity way out of touching range. With alot of patience, keeping her below her threshhold, having another dog around for companionship and to see how good life can get, giving her a spot she could feel unthreatened in and setting up a routine. She now has flourished into a dog who talks constantly, wags her tail anytime she sees us, loves to sit with me and get petted, allows strangers to pet her when they have food, pushes up against me when I sit on the floor and loves to sit in the kitchen and beg.

Two pictures from this weekend:



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