Sunday, November 20, 2005

gettin' out again

Yesterday I skijored Ganik up to the base of Manitoba. With my busted up rib it helped! Once we started climbing it was a different story. He ended up wallowing in some deep powder when the trail breaker headed up the middle of a shallow gully instead of a ridgeline.

Skin tracks are hard enough on a dog but in deep powder they are hell. All the dogs were having problems and had we known the powder was this deep would have left the dogs at home.

It was mashed potato down low, a nice ankle biting crust from about 1600 feet to 2300 feet. A break able crust for another couple hundred feet then it was powder. Great snow for turning but the wind kicked up and covered our up track between runs. Thankfully it was shallow slope so we felt the avi danger was down.


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